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Save On Your Prescription Medicines With Prescription Hope

Are you overburdened by the prices or costs you have to pay for some of the prescription medicines such as Lyrica (pregabalin) and as such are asking yourself just how you can get to cut on the costs of these? If at all this is your problem, then you are on the right page and in the right place.

Prescription Hope at will offer you some of the top prescribed fibromyalgia medications that are prescribed at a national level at a set price, which is $50 per medication. See here for the Prescription Hope Price Comparison Chart and see just how the offers from Prescription Hope would save you thousands of dollars on your prescription medicines.

But all said and done, what is Prescription Hope in and of itself anyway? This is a nationally acknowledged program for the access of prescription medications and has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. With Prescription Hope, there is an access to over 1500 brand-name medications via the patient assistance programs. All one under the program will have to pay is a set price of $50 for each medication it is that they may be in need of as per prescription. This set price actually includes the medication cost, regardless of the price at which the medication may be retailing at. Know about the lyrica price here!

However, it is to be noted that Prescription Hope is not a Lyrica coupon card and neither is it an insurance plan. Prescription Hope basically works with over 180 of the US based pharmaceutical manufacturers patient assistance programs to access the over 1500 FDA approved medications. As a matter of fact, there are no hidden costs with the medications that you get to source through Prescription Hope. In the event that there is such a medication that they will not be able to access for you, Prescription Hope will never ever charge you a fee for these. Read on and see whether or not you qualify for the Lyrica Patient assistance program with Prescription Hope.

The program, Prescription Hope, does work with thousands of Americans on a monthly basis. And it does work with them in helping them obtain their needed prescription medicines for them at the above mentioned set price per medication. For qualification to the program, some of the things that will be looked at are such as your income, individually or as a family unit. For an individual, you should be earning a maximum of $30,000 annually for you to qualify. As for the households, the combined household income shouldn’t be more than $50,000 annually for them to qualify into Prescription Hope. Families on the other hand shouldn’t be on more than $100,000 annual income for them to qualify for the program. Visit this website at for more info about medication.

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